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Rest, Recover, Reflect

Standing, unilateral, landline press with a two-inch, Olympic weight bar weighing about 44 pounds (20 kilos) 3 SETS EACH SIDE: 15 lb. plate added for 7 reps, 10 lb. plate added for 10 reps, no weight added (bar only) for 10 reps

One week ago today, was my first day back at the gym after a two week hiatus spent recovering from the flu and pneumonia.
Hit the weights hard, warmed up with a little HIIT cardio on the elliptical since my lungs weren’t at full capacity. Trained triceps and shoulders with a little bit of back. Played around with the weight doing these standing, unilateral land mine presses. By leg day on Saturday, I was riding the wave of endorphins flowing within my body – welcoming the soreness that followed from killin my quads, knowing I’d given my all.

It was longest length of time I’ve spent away from the gym since beginning to train nearly four years ago. Even during chemo, I’d only take a week off between treatments.

Feels extraordinary to have that piece of myself back in place.

But…will also say my body needed LOTS of rest with the way I’ve been running myself into the ground. Between goal smashing, being a present parent, maintaining our household, both kiddos getting sick back to back and training our new pup – I’d forgotten to be a “kindness warrior” to myself. Listening to stubborn self talk like, “Keep grinding, sleep later, write more, work harder,” led to me not only falling ill but also to the realization that I was forgetting to play and seek adventure in the everyday.

I was losing myself to my own hustle.

The level of exhaustion I experienced over the course of the last few weeks has been comparable to how chemo treatments left me feeling. It also reminded me that my tendency is “all or nothing” and how easy it is for me to burn my candle at both ends.

So I’m back to training again, but this time – mindfully – with more respect for my body than ever before. When she wants to rest, we’re gonna rest and when she’s too sore to train – I’m letting my body recuperate.

My fitness journey isn’t about a number on a scale or achieving a certain body type. It’s about loving the skin I’m in, conditioning my mind to be stronger, and pushing past my own limits…no one else’s. 

Gratitude Days 15 and 16


TGIF! Well, I’m happy as a lark that today is Friday! It’s the one day a week that I have time to myself. My mother is off to work, both children are in school and I have about  two hours of time where there’s no one around but me and the dog! In fact, I think it’s the only time all week that you can hear a pin drop in our halls.

Without hesitation, I’ll jump right into my gratitude moments of this week. Which may be brief for time’s sake because I’d like to get a meditation or some Reiki in while I have the space to do it 🙂

DAY 15: Mommy and Me Yoga!

September 22: Monday morning was filled with emotions of gratitude. I was able to get my son to school on time while my daughter remained asleep. I had time for both a mindful meditation and a gratitude meditation before she awoke. Upon waking, my daughter had herself “some very special food” as she calls it, then we began yoga together.

The two of us rolled out our yoga mats, side by side, grabbed our yoga bricks and began in mountain pose. (First she had to get fitted into her bright pink neon and purple yoga pants of course!) She has one expressive personality.

It brought me so much joy to see her standing beside me, following the poses, creating a few of her own along the way. “See Mommy? I’m doing it just like you! That’s right, I’m doing very special yoga with Mommy!” Everything is “very special” in the playful and imaginative world of my daughter.

I’m so proud to be able to share common interests with her already. To be able to pass down a healthy, active lifestyle to her, teaching her to love who she is, feisty personality and all. It goes back to that Dove Soap video I shared in an earlier post. For my little girl to continue being the strong, independent, self-confidant, free spirit she is now–well into adulthood–that’s all I can hope for. I know she’s going to do great things, going to take this world by storm, make a difference for the greater good. I’m proud of her already, today and  each passing day.

DAY 16:

Tuesday/September 23: Tuesday was an exhausting day for me. Busy with school and my munchkins, homework and housework. Then my dad, aka “Super Pop-Pop” came over. He watched my children for at least two or three hours so I could rest. I was (and still am) so grateful to him for helping out with the kids.

Chemo may be over but there are lingering side effects from treatment. Exhaustion being one of them. Low platelets only exacerbate fatigue, add in a touch of my children’s recent respiratory virus’ and you have a recipe for one tired mama. I’m back to myself again today but was extremely grateful, Tuesday, to have extra help when I needed it. I was able to dose off for an hour or two, get some much needed rest, then had ample energy later that night for keeping up with Thing 1 and Thing 2!