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Goddess Prayer


Goddess Prayer

Wild moon woman,

open your eyes.

Lengthen your legs,

outstretch arms overhead.

Call forth

your greatness.

Releasing yesterday’s woes.

You have breath

in your lungs.

Pulse beating from heart.

Remember your true nature –


Celestial being,

divine work of art.

A fire lay dormant,

within you.

Stir the embers,

let her rise.

Awaken the flames,

of your passion.

Spirit and heart,

tethered to light.

No more lying

to yourself.

Or hiding

your power

from the world.

Or making yourself…

small, with intent.

You are much more,

so much more,

than – just another girl.


the Warrior Goddess.


your darkness too.

There can be purpose,

through pain.

Somewhere along the journey,

it helped

shape you into

the woman you’ve become.

The goddess

you were born

to be.

Ground your heart,

in gratitude.

Invoke her,

with reverence and

unconditional love.

Shake off your story,

who society told you,

you should be.

Unleash your warrior Goddess,

live your life,




(by A.R. Strong)