Amber Strong

Bio: This blog began as a means of helping me cope, heal, through a cancer diagnosis I received on December 20th, 2013. I began the first session of twelve treatments of chemotherapy in February, 2014. I promised myself that 2014 would be my best year yet and I've been holding true to that promise so far. I've done quite a bit of traveling and other things for myself this year that I've really put on hold in the past. Now--and with each passing day--is the time for living in the present moment and maintaining a heart full of gratitude with each breath. I'm also the single mother of two amazing, high energy children, a soccer mom, journalism student, writer, dreamer and optimist. I hope that my journey through cancer and motherhood can inspire someone out there. Perhaps someone who is struggling, losing their will to cope or maybe just having a bad day will read these words and be inspired to keep on keeping on. We all have our own uniquely amazing story, something we are battling or coping with on some level. How you choose to handle it, by letting it define you or by letting it break you open and question everything about yourself, is the real test. This is my own personal journey; through motherhood, cancer diagnosis, treatment, life and healing. I believe that we all have the capability to be the hero of our own story.

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