Another Moment of Gratitude


The day after my munchkins and I went out to eat, I lost this bracelet. It was a sterling silver bangle my father had given me over twelve years ago. It’s not that it was expensive because it wasn’t. The sentimental value of it made it irreplaceable to me.

I still remember the day my father brought it home. He had picked up some jewelry from a moving job he did. Customers from time to time would give him things they couldn’t or didn’t have time to sell but no longer wanted. We accumulated quite a few “knick-knacks” over the years. So when my dad would say he was bringing something home again, my mom and I would just look at each other and think “Oh boy, here we go again!”

But this day he brought home a few bracelets wrapped up in white cloth. He placed the cloth on the table and told me, as he unfolded it, I could pick just one of the bracelets. When I saw the bangle I was thrilled. I’ve always been big into (quite obsessed really) with Ancient Egyptian and Ancient Greek mythology/history. One particular bangle had the meandros (Greek key) going all the way around it. That was the one I chose. It was a symbol of both unity and eternity in Ancient Greece and one of (if not the most) sacred symbols Ancient Greeks utilized.

I had been running errands last week on a particularly cold morning. Not usually the winter glove wearing type, I went back into my house to grab a pair since the cold was so bitter that morning. Unfortunately at some point in the day, while taking one of my gloves off, the bracelet had come off without me realizing it. My wrist felt lighter like I was missing something but I couldn’t quite place what it was since I had several bracelets on that day.

By the time I noticed the bangle was missing, I had already made three stops. Not one of them said a bracelet had been turned in. I was devastated. I’m not going to lie, it really put a damper on my day. I had taken this bracelet with me to Italy for ten days but somehow managed to lose it locally running errands. Sheesh!

I went home that day, after finishing up what I had to do, accepting I was probably never going to see the bracelet again. “Can’t take it with me when I go anyhow right?” I told myself to take the sting out of losing it. I tried to “fogetaboudit” but was still a little upset that night when I went to bed.

The next morning was another busy morning (as is usually the case) but around noon I received a call from one of the places I had stopped at the day before. Someone had actually turned in my bracelet! Before the receptionist could even describe the bracelet, I gave her a full rundown myself; the size, material, design and just how much it meant to me to have it back. After getting off the phone with her, I headed straight over and picked up my bracelet. I was almost in tears. Not only from having it back, but from the fact that there was a person out there selfless enough to turn it in rather than keep it for themself.

It goes back to that whole boomerang effect of good and bad Karma. I thought back to all the times I had found a credit card or someone’s wallet or a smart phone and turned them in or found the person to give it back to them. Maybe it was a little good Karma coming my way. Who knows? All I know for sure, is that I was very very grateful to whoever turned my bangle in!


2 thoughts on “Another Moment of Gratitude

  1. Such a relief to find something valuable you’ve lost. My daughters favorite doll was dropped during a shoppih trip and I frantically ran retracing our steps. Sitting on a bench outside, someone had placed the doll! Thank you kind person!! πŸ™‚ Glad you got it back.

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