Gratitude; Day 27: Revamping


DAY 27:

Saturday/October 4:

Last Saturday I finally got around to painting my bedroom. I’ve made several life changes over the last year since I was diagnosed with cancer and began chemotherapy; exercising, traveling, doing things I never thought I could do, being brave enough to break out of my comfort zone; making more time for yoga, meditation and writing, being the best me I can be.

It only seems logical that while I’m giving my life a major overhaul, my bedroom deserves one too. My sister had given me a can of paint months ago but it wasn’t until last Saturday that I decided to stop procrastinating and get to business. With the help of my two munchkins, I spent the day revamping my bedroom walls from a country-mustard-yellow to a fresh and lively blue-gray.

It’s really something what a fresh coat of paint can do for a room, but even more inspiring what it can do for your mood! I feel like I’m walking into a different house altogether when I walk into my bedroom now. The new color has livened up my cozy, little, sanctuary more than I imagined.

I’m not stopping there. My bedroom set is comprised of several eclectic pieces that really don’t go together (but work well for the space I have). An armoire from my sister, my late grandfather’s bookshelf, a filing cabinet, my mother’s roll-top desk paired with one of her kitchen table chairs. Truthfully I haven’t had an actual bedroom “set” since I lived with my brother in 2005.

I explained to my mother, the other day, why it’s so important on an energetic level for me to buy a new mattress and bedroom set. The mattress I’m sleeping on is like sleeping on a cloud. The drawback, is that it’s also the same mattress my ex-husband and I once shared. The same goes for the comforter set, sheets and pillows.

One of the most important things (energetically, vibrationally speaking) after a divorce is to purge shared items, especially those of an intimate nature, out of your space. It’s sounds a bit hypocritical to sleep in a bed emotionally tied to an ex; while working on attracting a new, emotionally healthy person into your life. Can’t make room for the new, until you get rid of the old!

After the conversation with my mother, she agreed that I deserved having a brand new bedroom set. So come income tax 2015, guess who’s getting a brand new set of furniture as a late Christmas gift? That’s right! This little lady right over here!

It feels so good to finally be moving forward in the healthiest direction possible, two and half years after my divorce. Everything is falling into place after struggling for so long. The things I had before I was involved with my ex-husband (independence, a vehicle of my own, sacred space, self-confidence, perfect health) are steadily flowing back into my life. The more desires I manifest, the more I see how far I’ve come, how detached I am from a situation that I was once so entangled in. And my goddess…it feels “wicked awesome!”




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