Gratitude, Day 25: Great Morning!


DAY 25:

Thursday/October 2: 

This right here, is my goofy goober of a son. He is the sun, my Universe, one half to the whole of my heart.

He is also the grumpiest person I know in the morning, when it’s a school day. On this particular day my son got ready for school without the slightest hint of attitude, picked out his own clothes and ate breakfast…all without me having to tell him twenty million times.

It was so, and I mean incredibly so, nice to have such a great morning with him. He was still on cloud nine from buying school clothes the night before.  His behavior allowed me to stay in a vibration of gratitude. In fact, it amplified the feeling completely.

Part of parenting is learning to take it all in stride. Accepting the moments of sheer joy as well as those of frustration. You do the best you can with what you’re given. But ask any mother and she’ll tell you–when her offspring are cooperating it makes for heck of a thankful day!


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