Gratitude, Day 24: School Shopping!

DAY 24:

Wednesday/October 1:

On this day, I was so incredibly grateful for the ability to take my eight-year-old son school shopping. The beginning of the school year is expensive when you’re the parent of a school-age child. There are athletic activities signups, PTO fundraisers, class pictures and school supplies to purchase. Not to mention lunches, snacks and new school clothes.

It took a bit longer than expected, but by the first of October I was able to get my son just about everything he needed for clothes. He grows like a weed, has feet almost as big as mine and is nearly as tall as me (which isn’t too hard because I’m only a few inches over the five feet). School clothes and summer clothes are a necessity each season because he grows out of clothes so quickly. He needs new shoes nearly every three months or so, which can be hard to accommodate when you’re a single mom and student.

It was such a blessing that my ex-husband came through, financially, for our son. Though I helped my son pick out the new clothes, I made sure he knew that Dad was the one who made school shopping possible in the first place.


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