Gratitude, Day 23: UMass Journalism Alumni Panel

In the midst of being a busy single mom of two, student and magical manifesting ninja of creation…yup, that’s right…I’m a magical ninja people! I haven’t made time to blog the last week of 30 days of gratitude. So in a nutshell, here goes! (sorry if this seems a bit rushed, lots to do this weekend!)

DAY 23:

Tuesday/September 30: UMass All-Star Journalism Panel

The nerd in me was completely fulfilled on so many levels Tuesday night! There were six successful UMass Alumni present for the event I attended. One of my previous professors was there and introduced me to one of the six panelists, Mackenzie Issler Rigg. I shook her hand and was seated at her table with five other students. Conversing with her gave me such insight, fueling the fire of determination to progress forward in my writing career.

All six panelists offered great advice, staying after the discussion to speak one on one with  journalism students, myself included. It was exhilarating, inspirational for me and so many others. The link below provides more information about the event 🙂


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