Gratitude Day 19: FaceTime!

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DAY 19:

Friday/September 26:

Friday, I was thankful for Facetiming with a good friend that I call my “sister from another mister.” She has a set of twins; some of the cutest, most adorable babies I swear I’ve ever laid eyes upon. She lives miles away, as in hundreds of miles away, but I think of her often and can’t wait for the day that I get to meet her little munchkins in person.

It means the world to me when we both, as busy busy moms of two, have time to video chat through FaceTime. It brought me so much joy to watch her twins interact with one another. Seeing for myself the stare of love and adoration that radiates from her son when he looks at her, listening to her daughter’s hearty belly laughs when her mom would tickle her.

I’m thankful for technology that allows us (and my other sisters from other misters) to keep in contact; FaceTime, text messages, social networking, home phones and cell phones. It brings part of my heart that much closer to home even though these inspiring ladies live miles away. Love ya woman!!!


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