Gratitude, Day 17:


DAY 17:

Wednesday/September 24:

To say I’ve been fortunate in family-life, would be an eloquent understatement. The past ten months, since my cancer diagnosis, has brought the ones I love even closer to me. They have gone above and beyond to lift my spirits; providing love and laughter. Sharing in my tears, providing an ear or two to listen, cooking dinners, watching my two young children when fatigue kept me in bed for hours on end.

They’re my earth-bound angels, every single one of them. From my aunt and uncle and parents who were there at the hospital with me the day I underwent major surgery. To my sister, her best friend and my niece–who all helped look after my children while I was in the hospital recovering. My siblings accompanying me to chemo treatments. Friends sharing funny videos and quotes on social networking sites. My ex-husband’s family, sending prayers and their love. My children guiding me through, tethering me to life, allowing me to live in present moments of sheer joy.

First thing Wednesday morning, upon waking, I meditated as usual. Then checked into Facebook to find myself tagged in a post by one of my nieces. A few friends and family members have been nominating each-other, myself included, for daily gratitude postings on Facebook. It helps keep the positive energy flowing. There are so many negative things that social media can be used for. We choose to keep it uplifting with moments of gratitude and motivational quotes.

After reading my niece’s post, you’ll understand just how my gratitude moment went “from a trickle to a roar!” as the fairies of Pixie Hollow say 🙂

“I am greatful for my aunt Amber …for being the kick ass super women she is! She has been through soooo much over the past couple years or more and you would never know. She has such a great spirit true definition of a FIGHTER! Anything she has set out to accomplish has been accomplished. Her love for life and all it has to give her is something to admire. Her never ending faith that every little thing is gonna be alright. ..the fact that she has gone through 12 chemo sessions and came out with an even better love for life and with her beautiful smile even brighter. She is so positive and full of love …I myself have no idea how she does the things she does and still can be “our Amber” . With this said I am greatful that she has shown cancer who is boss and continued to raise two kids on her own! That’s what our family calls Amber Strong. my beautiful amazing aunt I love you sooo and I am blessed for you and all you have conquered!”

Thank you for posting what you did darlin’, love you kiddo!


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