Gratitude Day 13: Autumn in New England

sunlit-autumn-leaves-4187 - Version 3

This past Saturday, my children and I attended a birthday party for a friend of mine’s daughter. It was a perfect day, a little warm for September but only partially cloudy. I had been wiped out for a few days from my final chemo treatment. Saturday morning, though, I rolled out of bed feeling refreshed at the fact that my kiddos decided to sleep in. Still not 100 percent myself, but feeling better than I had the day before.

The kids and I grabbed some breakfast, got ready and headed out the door to a local farm–where the birthday party was held. My munchkins got to hand-feed the animals; sheep, chickens, cows, llamas, goats and some ducks. There was a hay ride that stopped, about halfway through, to let everyone off the wagon. Everyone’s children went running through the pumpkin patch–trying to pick out the heaviest, whitest, smallest or most unusual looking pumpkins. Afterward, I loaded up our vehicle with what the kids had chosen plus their party favors.  We picked out a few sweet treats from the creamery of the farm, giving hugs (and kisses on the cheek) to my friend and her family.

They’ve been part of my life since kindergarten, treating me like family no matter how many years pass. Between spending time with my loved ones and getting to see my kids enjoy the staples of growing up in New England; it was such a gratitude filled day. Pumpkin patch picking, the changing color of autumn leaves, warm apple cider (better yet-apple cider donuts!), local made ice-cream. Whenever I move away from home, Autumn is what I miss most about living in New England.


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