Gratitude Day 11: Naptime :)

My gratitude moment for yesterday was when I was able to take a much needed siesta.

The day before yesterday was my last chemo treatment. That night, I was hit with insomnia from the steroids that get paired with chemo meds. I slept after chemo for a few hours. Woke up, went back to bed, then woke up around 4:30 or five a.m. Went back to bed again at 6:30, waking up around eight to get my son off to school.

I decided not to attend classes yesterday. I was in no shape to drive, let alone pay attention in class. My fluffy, marshmallow-cloud of a bed was beckoning me. My head hit the pillow and a few hours later, I woke up to my alarm as I wiped the drool from my cheek.

I’ll be taking a nap again today, for sure. I’ve been up since about four a.m. Pretty soon, my day will be beginning with my munchkins. Busy, busy as always. But always with thanks for the breath of life.


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