Side Effects…meh

Over the weekend, I was attempting to button one of my daughter’s shirts. I struggled for a few moments with the button. Once I actually looked at it (I had been paying more attention to her than the button) I was able to get her dressed no problem. That’s when I realized, the tingling in my fingertips has begun to spread and is worsening by the day. I can’t feel the tips of them anymore where my nail is. Now the tingling sensation, followed by complete numbness, has spread to the first horizontal line on all of my fingers and both of my thumbs. It’s the same with my toes. It started at the tips and has spread slowly to almost halfway down my feet. I’m so used to it now, I guess that’s why I didn’t really notice it. The feeling is only amplified by cold weather. I have to say, I’m pretty thrilled about chemo being done before winter. Walking through a New England university campus in forty degree weather after chemo last semester, not fun.

Part of my chemo regime is a drug called Oxaliplatin. One of the side effects is the tingling and numbness I’ve been experiencing in my hands and feet. The oncologist I see regularly lowered the dose of it two treatments ago. But it’s still persisting. He’s decided to cancel the Oxaliplatin dose altogether for my last treatment, scheduled for the day after tomorrow.

It may be post-poned until next week, though. There’s a certain way my body feels when my platelet count is too low for chemo. I’m very in tune with my body. Each time I felt chemo would be held off due to low counts, I was right on. It’s already happened at least a half a dozen times. I’ve been feeling that way again this week, but my guess is I’m borderline for treatment. We shall see. I have labs in the morning, so I should know by tomorrow afternoon if I graduate from chemo or not this week 🙂


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