“Like a Girl”

Another blessing in my day yesterday was this video. One of my ex-husband’s relatives sent me this video on Facebook because she said it made her think of me. It was really the sweetest, most thoughtful and kind gesture. Thank you again for sending it woman!

This video is truly worth watching if you’re a woman, young girl or the parent of a daughter. Shoot, even the parent of young boys. My son watched it with me and he asked “Mom, what do they mean like a girl?” After, I explained to him that people use the term “like a girl” in a negative way. As though “like a girl” means you’re NOT strong enough or fast enough or brave. He said “Oh, I’ve said that to my friend before and she just kind of laughed. But I didn’t know it meant something bad. I’m not gonna say it anymore Mom.”

It hit home for me because of my motto “Fight Like a Girl.” Meaning kick cancer’s ass and never back down. It means strength and resilience and power. As the mother of a young daughter, I want my little girl to continue to be proud of who she is. To not want body alterations to feel complete, to love herself unconditionally, flaws and all.

Women are put under so much scrutiny via the media. Young girls are taught to be thin, that long hair is beautiful and they have to be perfect. We are all perfect in our imperfections. Our flaws make us beautiful, unique. Women should be empowering each-other, lifting one another up emotionally. Not knocking ourselves down, sending false messages of aesthetic purity. No one is perfect. Hello! Photoshop anyone? Air brushing? That’s not real. I would drove to see what some of these famous, Hollywood, picture-perfect models look like first thing in the morning before hair and makeup is there to airbrush away their cellulite! Before I go off on a soap box rant here, watch the video, it’s empowering đŸ™‚


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