Day 4! Magic Money


Yesterday morning I woke up early, yeah, like six a.m. early. My biological time clock has engaged itself in an epic life-long battle with trying to make me an early bird. Haha, um yeah, my physical body is not so happy about this. Unless I’m at the gym, then my pre-workout kicks in and holy hell Batman! I love mornings!

I digress. Hey look…something shiny!  Both of my little energy-suckers were still sleeping and groceries were running low so I decided to sneak out and have an adventure. And by adventure, I mean an effortless trip to the grocery store without two miniature tornadoes  in tow. Sorry Grandma, if they wake up, that’s alllllll you!

“Just pick-up a few things,” I told myself. Just a few things, but hey wait! I usually buy this and it’s on sale, nearly half price. Hey wait, that’s on sale too! Just about every single food item I needed to buy was on sale! Woot woot! I started doing that “Mom in the macaroni isle with Vanilla Ice dance” from the Kraft commercial.

I saved over fifty bucks! Then as I’m going through the checkout aisle, the woman behind me pulls up with her carriage. One grocery cart with a huge area rug in it for 50% off! I just happen to be redoing my bedroom this weekend. I’ve already managed to manifest the paint for it. Seriously, things like this happen all the time. I was at my sister’s house not too ing ago just hanging out, chit chatting. We start talking about how I want to re-do my room, freshen things up a bit. Next thing I know she’s handing over a full can of paint, in the exact color that I want to paint my room with. Turns out she bought it but never used it, so she gave it to me. Now here I am in the grocery store getting a 40-dollar-rug for less than twenty bucks!

My gratitude moment for yesterday was saving all that money at the grocery store, over $75 between produce and household items. As a single mom of two, every little bit helps financially. Our grocery bill is over $800 a month. That’s just for the three of us. Eating organic means groceries can become quite pricey but we always find a way to manage. Finding the right grocer makes the world of a difference. I can go into Trader Joe’s and walk out with three or four bags of fresh produce for fifty or sixty dollars. Go into Whole Foods though and I’d leave with one full bag, two if there’s sale items.

We also have a local farm nearby, just a five to ten minute walk down the road. My son loves going there for the local-made ice cream & my daughter loves running up and down the walkway of the open barn. There’s at least one or two farms in each of the four surrounding towns. All of which have the best of the best when it comes to fresh produce and organic fruits and veggies.

It makes me feel like I’ve won the lottery when things like that happen. I don’t ask for it to happen; I merely give thanks in the morning for all that my children and I have. The rest of the day unfolds on its own, manifesting great things for us. Saving money while shopping may seem trivial to some, but it means a world of a difference to me.

This is the commercial I was referencing earlier. We don’t eat Kraft Mac and Cheese so I’m not endorsing it or anything. But my son and I couldn’t stop laughing the first time we watched it together. The look on that little boy’s face is a look my son has totally given.  And the way the mom is dancing in the commercial…well, let’s just say we’re big goofballs in my house and me and my kids dance like that intentionally to shake out our sillies! 🙂


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