Switching It Up



After this morning’s gratitude post, I couldn’t help but feel that I was already getting bored with posting five things a day that I was thankful for. The gratitude and emotion of being thankful was very very real. However, I have a tendency to lose interest and bore easily. In honor of remaining true to myself, I’ve decided to switch things up a bit with my own personal gratitude challenge. I begin everyday with a meditation followed by my thanks for many many different things or people or events. How boring would that be if I were to post for 28 more days, repeating “I am thankful for…” each day?

So…I have decided that for the next 28 days I am going to post one new thing each day. Not just any one thing. For the next 28 days, each day I’m going to share my “aha moment” from the day before. One moment from the previous day that made it beautiful, made me smile or made me stop and think: “I’m happy to be here kicking cancer’s ass & living to tell about it!” Posting in this manner, I believe, allows for a bit more introspection and outer appreciation. Plus it’s a little self reminder that there is joy to be found everyday, even if for a moment. 


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