Back to School!

This fall semester was intended to be a break from everything for me. Just some space to reflect, to center myself. Well, the Universe often times has a much different plan for me than I do for myself. No complaints here though, it usually delivers exactly what I need. 

The week before classes were scheduled to begin, I received an email from the financial aid office. It was to let me know that my application had been successfully processed and that I needed to review it before the coming semester. That was all it took. The gears started turning, I started to have that itch of wanting to be around other adults in a classroom setting. I’m a nerd I know and proud of it!

Within a matter of days, I dropped the classes I didn’t need and contacted my advisor about getting into the right ones. I secured child care for my daughter and an after school program for my son. Everything fell into place in less than week. Which to me was a sign of divine intervention that I’m meant to be attending this fall. 

This coming week is week numero dos on campus. I still have one chemo treatment left but I know it’s all going to work out. It always does, someway, somehow. If I was able to handle not having a vehicle last term, raising two children on my own, a social life, my children’s social lives, homework, chemo and anything else in between…this term seems so much easier! Having a vehicle of my own now and being almost done with chemo removes so much stress for me. 

My first week back on campus was pretty exciting. I had to miss the first day of classes because I was still trying to get last minute childcare paperwork handed in for my munchkins. People don’t realize just how much goes into finding childcare. First you have to find a location that you and your child/children will all benefit from. You have to factor in location, price, programs they offer, safety, certifications and qualifications.

Then there’s a packet of paperwork you have to fill out which is just about as thick as your thumb is wide (not literally, but there are quite a few forms). There’s the emergency contact forms, child development forms, medical paperwork to be filled out by your child’s pediatrician and if they need some type of medication or have an allergy of any sort, there’s more paperwork for that! But all in all, it serves a purpose. Even though the process can be lengthy, it’s worth it in the long run. Now you can see why it was such a miracle that all these forms were filled out, turned in and processed on time!

My first day back in session on campus I ran into two of my friends from last semester. They were both girls I had traveled to Sicily with for my Travel Writing class. Seeing them both brought smiles to all of our faces followed by hugs and high pitched screeches of “oh my god! I’m so happy to see you!!” You might think because I come from a completely different generation that there would be a gap in the social connection between us. I’m eight, nine or even ten years older than some of my classmates. But the ones that I’ve connected with, their maturity amazes me. These girls in particular are going to do great things with their education, their lives. I’m proud to know them and call them my friends. I’m looking forward to classes this semester. Happy that I didn’t take a break after all. 


2 thoughts on “Back to School!

  1. As always, thanks for sharing your journey. Happy to hear things fell into place for you & your children. Your strength and positive attitude are an inspiration. Take care & best wishes for you, your kids & the fall semester. 🙂

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