Chemo Session Three (March 25, 2014)

Sneaky Me

Chemo sessions can be long…and tiring…and long. Did I mention they can be long? My treatments–from the time I arrive until I leave with my take home pump–are typically around four hours.

I’ve been incredibly fortunate to have such a huge emotional support system. Each chemo session I’ve had great company to make the time pass. For sessions 1 and 2 my mother tagged along, she wasn’t missing them for anything. My sister happens to have a friend going through the same situation as me. Her friend had surgery a few weeks after I had mine and we both started chemotherapy on the same day for the same type of cancer. Our treatments coincide; my sister is typically able to visit with her friend and I at the same time…going from one area of the infusion room to the other.

Session 2, a close personal friend of mine came up to the third floor infusion suite for a visit. His personality overflows with good vibes, always finding just the right words when a friend or family is in need. Having been through a traumatic ordeal of his own a few years back, any advice he has to offer comes from experience. I’m always eager to listen.

Session 3, my sister had come down with a cold and didn’t want to risk bringing any unnecessary germs around her friend or me. But one of my older brothers had ventured up from sunny Florida to enjoy the frigid weather of New England in March. And yes when you read “enjoy” there is plenty of sarcasm behind that word! My brother isn’t a fan of the cold, hence why he lives in Florida.

My nurse, Kelly, always offers me Ativan as part of the treatment but I usually decline because I have class at the University at night. This particular session I didn’t have any homework to do plus my nerves were a little jumpy that day. I had just gotten back from Sicily two days prior–still in the place of feeling perfectly healthy, content and really not looking forward to another treatment.

When Kelly offered the Ativan, I accepted and long story short–the Ativan worked, I fell asleep and woke up to my brother still napping. Of course being the sneaky little sister that I am, I had to take a few candid shots of him sleeping. It was a long chemo session and I always look for ways to keep things interesting >:)


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